Web3 round-up: Twitter-verified NFTs are here, Crypto.com opens up on security breach

UKISS Technology rounds up the latest Web 3.0 happenings.

Happy Friday, folks! It’s another big week for NFTs but not so much for cryptocurrency traders and promoters. Social media giant Twitter launched an NFT-verification feature that allows users to tell them apart from usual profile photos, while making it difficult for people to steal (although that’s still possible). Meanwhile, Crypto.com recently entered the spotlight […]

Dual approach to protection from cybersecurity threats like phishing

Dual approach to protecting yourself from cybersecurity threats like phishing.

As more commercial activities take place during the pandemic, it is not surprising that cybercriminals would cash in on this trend with aggressive and targeted tactics that can trick even the most tech-savvy individual.  Once criminals get a hold of their target’s credentials, they are free to access and steal assets. In many cases, victims […]

Web3 round-up: LooksRare becomes new NFT go-to, Bitcoin stabilises

UKISS Technology rounds up the latest Web 3.0 happenings.

This week flew past so quickly, didn’t it? It really do be like that sometimes when you’re in the world of Web 3.  An NFT marketplace outperformed after launch day while crypto investors heaved a sigh of relief at Bitcoin’s value stabilising following last week’s price dip. The NFT space just got wilder with the […]

Are Centralised Finance Exchanges Better Than Decentralised Finance Exchanges?

The short answer: It depends. As increasing numbers of people turn to cryptocurrency to move their money outside the traditional financial trading system, more people than ever before are exploring their options. After all, users have differing needs – some might require a platform that enables derivative trading, others might need the regular cross-chain exchange […]

How UKISS Hugware™️ can be your survival kit for the Metaverse?

A few weeks ago, advertising giant Facebook made headlines when they changed their name to Meta. The internet was abuzz with criticisms, with people commenting that the new logo was an eyesore. Others went about theorising why the company had changed their name, especially since it was immediately recognisable.  These were soon silenced, however, by […]

3 Keys To Understanding Public-Private Key Cryptography

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the new terminology. One term that often gets confused is “public key” versus “private key”. The public key is used to receive cryptocurrency from various sources while the private key is only known by the owner of the wallet. […]

How The Global Chip Shortage Affects Cryptocurrency

Unless you’ve been off the grid for the past few months, you would’ve heard of the global chip shortage. It’s been splayed across headlines around the world, with new articles about it popping up daily. More interestingly, people are linking it to cryptocurrency, with some blogs going so far as to pin the shortage on […]